pro space gardening!

It's not out yet but I Beta like the cool guy I am!

October the ninth, a day that will leave many starved, a day that no one will sleep, a day that every one will be playing Dyson.

Dyson is a fresh new 'Indie' (independent) game that has the rule of 'give a little, gain a lot'.

Pretty much you get these seed things that I like to call clangers, because they clang, and an asteroid belt.
The aim of the gaim is to take over the asteroid belt in a fury of Clangs.

So you start each level with a tree on an asteroid and some seeds.
The longer you have the tree, the bigger it grows, the faster it spawns seeds, the happier you become.

Game play is highly addictive and is actually really fun.
the gist is easy to pick up (just like a penguin) so you don't have to be WTFPWN to get anywhere.
the game does have a speed curve like that of a train.
it starts off with lightning slow then gradually gets faster then before you know it, your still speeding up and then you go quickly.

The graphics.
I'm going to go ahead and say the graphics of this game are more effective than those of any PS3 game i have seen.
I'm not saying <, > or =. just more effective.
Mindsplittingly simple, yet i fell in love with them faster than i smashed the phone book on that huge spider.
I think they call it Character in 'relocation relocation', I'm just going to say it has a charm stronger than that of Pikachu.


yeah, don't worry unless your computer comes from the 80s, in which case LOL @ U!


  1. That sounds like a cross between Pokemon and Spore. Or am I completely wrong (forgive my old age then). Sounds like something C would get hooked very quickly on lol.

  2. i hope everything is going alright for you:)